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"CWI workshops will always have content that is up to date and data driven."

 Current Interactive Workshops:

The Facts About Implicit Bias— Millions of agencies, churches, medical facilities,  educational institutions and more are beginning to understand the importance of becoming aware of implicit biases. Contact us by clicking on the link on the right and offer this important workshop for your team, staff and board members.  

Diversity That Works!- Just what does a diverse and inclusive workplace setting look like? How do we support rapidly increasing multiculturalism in our workplaces, churches or other space? These questions and more are answered in this dynamic workshop. Learn how to create safe spaces where people feel valued and supported--diversity doesn't equal equity! 

What About Race? - Why does the concept of race exist? Learning the historical foundation behind race—-may determine how you see difference. The color of one’s skin distinguishes them from others with a different skin color, but different does not equal deficit. Learn how embedded the concepts of prejudice, stereotyping and discrmination are. Want to break free of perpetuating racism, then this workshop is for you!

The Power of Cultural Sensitivity - How do we break down barriers that often prevent us from having the relationships we desire? Why it's communication of course! We must learn to communicate with the intention of expressing the love of God and being sensitive to how we construct differences, the meanings of differences, and importantly, how others are experiencing differences. Working to be more culturally sensitive? This workshop will help.

What are Microaggressions and Why It Matters - Haver you ever been microaggressed? Or, have you microaggressed someone else? What's the big deal about microaggressions anyway? Here's a way to find out that barriers to having great relationships could be in not realizing you are microaggressing someone! This workshop will give you clarity on what microaggressions are, and why knowing this matters!

 "The Implicit Bias workshop was a success with a nice turnout and strong interest for our next event...the attendees, including ourselves, really benefitted from your expertise and the opportunity to discuss this important issue with others in our church family..."

                     - Elizabeth Recinto, 

                   Breaking Down Walls & 

                   Building Relationships              

                   Vineyard Christian Church 

“Your presentations at our staff conference were awesome and incredibly applicable to our Interactions with customers and with varying populations in our personal lives too. Thank you again for coming out. I hope we can collaborate again in the future...”

                     -Amanda Seals, CEDA

                Youth Services Coordinator