Consulting Services

"CWI comes to the consulting space as a "guide on the side, not the sage on the stage".

Are you a new nonprofit or for-profit entity in need of strengthening your infrastructure? Or build your capacity to more fully serve your participants? Seeking to understand program design, implementation and evaluation? Perhaps you are in need of changing "we've always done it this way" to incorporating fresh and innovative approaches. In any case CWI can help!

Our clients are partners in the consulting/client relationship. You know what you need, our goal is to help you get there. We will exhaust all resources  to help you advance your mission, goal and objectives. These resources may include data from our research studies depending on the topic or need, secondary data and literature publicized by other researchers, as well as results from focus groups, assessments and other tools.

We have worked with a number of organizations, agencies and companies. Some of our current and past clients include:

  "As the co-founder of a new nonprofit, it was great to have consulting from someone who cared about the mission and vision of Anidaso 360. Dr. Palmer not only listened well, but asked very important questions that I had not thought through and gave very wise counsel on how to get my nonprofit up and running, and scalable." 

                                           -Rome Meeks

           Co-Founder/Executive Director

                                             Anidaso 360


See Anidaso 360's current video here: