About Us


Core Values

  • Fairness is about restoring balance to social situations where it has been lost or bringing balance where it has never been established.  
  • Awareness shines the spotlight on realities kept hidden and voices silenced as a result of the prevailing social system.
  • Compassion seeks engagement, empowerment, and connection; and
  • Excellence ensures rigorous scholarship and evidence-based change methodologies. 

  • We are committed to driving evidence to improve our knowledge, understanding and practice resolutions on the effects of race-based phenomenon.  
  • We seek to put a FACE on the experiences of minority populations within the context of the prevailing social structure. 
  • Our practice model is community-focused, culturally responsive and social-justice oriented. 


We envision that the norm for all communities, specifically those of color is wellness--where all members' needs are met and resources are plentiful and sustainable. We see CWI as one of the premier catalysts for bringing about this change. 


Our mission is to generate scholarly social science research and use other external data that answers questions pertaining to factors and indicators that support resilient communities. We seek to synthesize our research, other datasets and pivotal findings into best practices, principles and models to inform academia, practice and policy, and partner with other community builders seeking to promote resiliency, strengthen, and heal communities, with a focus on communities of color. 

Leadership Team


Geraldine (Geri) Palmer, Ph.D.

Co-founder/Managing Director has over two decades of professional experience in senior and middle leadership within human services agencies primarily focused on housing and services for people experiencing and at-risk of becoming homeless. Currently teaching community psychology, social psychology and diversity and individual differences courses at Adler University in Chicago, IL, Geri is also a published author in several peer-reviewed journals, co-author of a chapter on oppression and power in an online undergraduate textbook, and regularly designs and facilitates workshops on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategies, race and ethncity, and other areas. She also consistently speaks and presents at conferences nationally and internationally. Geri is integral in advancing the work of CWI through managing all aspects of administration, programs and services including securing research and other funding, marketing, and serving as principle investigator on research studies. 


Todd Rogers, MA

Co-founder/Operations Director has 20 + years experience building and supporting IT, commercial, and medical operations organizations in the pharmaceutical sector. His work includes strategic partnering in designing evidence-based operations from an organization's values, mission, and strategy statements to function and role definition to cross-functional processes and practices complete with performance management objectives and measurement structures; His work has a strong emphasis on group collaborative intelligence and cross-functional process innovation. Todd is integral in advancing CWI's work through operations and fiscal management, creating systems models, research design, data gathering and analyses, project management and consulting.